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TOPIC: How can I integrate my new sub with my DDRC 22D

How can I integrate my new sub with my DDRC 22D 4 months 3 weeks ago #33889

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I recently upgraded my hifi stereo with the the DDRC 22D which definitely improved my sound quality. I am using a Sonos to input FLAC streaming music from Deezer. I am running 4 JBL L300s two for the left and two for the right stereo channel. These speakers have 15 inch woofers. I recently purchased a JTR Captivator 4000 which is a massive sub able to produce 116 db at 16 Hz. How can I best integrate this sub without degrading the stereo sound quality? (I presently run the sub as a 5.1 channel system for TV but my sound quality is deteriorated if I use my Home theater system in 5.1 to listen to music. My AVR will not output a sub channel in stereo mode – and any other mode noticeably degrades the sound for music listening. The AVR will not even output a pre-out signal when I have it in direct stereo mode. I will upgrade this in the future but for now I want the best quality solution for the stereo sound)

I guess one option is to buy a DDRC-88BM and a DDRC 88D and to sell the DDRC 22D? If I do this do I loose sound quality as the DDRC 88D is not listed as a 24/96 high-resolution audio processor? How does the 32 bit processing compare to losing the 96khz?

Are there any other good alternatives possably by taking an extra digital output from the DDRC 22D (there are 3) and somehow mixing it and filtering a cutoff and applying a DAC for the sub. I realize the JBLs would still be playing the bass but with such overkill on the bass output perhaps the Dirac Live could smooth it out?

Thanks for your help.
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How can I integrate my new sub with my DDRC 22D 4 months 2 weeks ago #34003

  • Burke
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Verry good question.
I can state, hat the answer would be quite of inerest for me, too.
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How can I integrate my new sub with my DDRC 22D 4 months 2 weeks ago #34100

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Buy a toslink splitter and go out of the ddrc22di
And feed 1/2 into a dsp/da like the 2x4hd perhaps.

Use volume on a remote and learn some random buttons as vol up and down for the 2x4HD to use as. “Sub control”

Than run Dirac with your new sub control lowered to match the spl of the rest of system , that way taking measurements won’t add a ton of cut to the bass of your mains.

Than post correction, after all is done , crank up the volume / subcontrol to your liking and enjoy

Will have to use a volume upstream or from ddrc to get everything to go up and down together.


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How can I integrate my new sub with my DDRC 22D 4 months 2 weeks ago #34117

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Some great suggestion already from Andrew!
- Option1: Get a DDRC-88D + BM option. INdeed the most integrated option. :-)
- Option2: Andrew's suggestion to do the split at the input. Great idea.
- Option3: You could also grab a 2x4HD and connect it to your TOSLINK out of the DDRC-22D into the 2x4HD in? This way you will be able to tune BOTH the sub + L&R when you're sweeping your signal. Just make sure that you time align your SUB before running. This is important for doing proper Dirac tuning


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