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TOPIC: Dirac Calibration Tool - Volume Contro/ not possib

Dirac Calibration Tool - Volume Contro/ not possib 6 years 9 months ago #15185

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during the measurement Procedere i tried to adjust the gain and output volume,, this works fine, but the volume between left an the right box is massive different - in the region of about 10dB. I found no possibility in the Software to correct the Output level left/right (in the DIRAC Standalone PC Software is this possible). I see also no control in win7 64bit.

Any ideas? I worry about the quality of the measurement and /or filter calculation, because i see a Performance difference between the standalone PC Version (correction is better) and the DDRC-22D...

thanks Franz
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Dirac Calibration Tool - Volume Contro/ not possib 6 years 9 months ago #15202

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Something else is going on here. Most likely in the setup or the project. Once we see it we can help
1) Please email us your configuration directly using the tech support portal. (minidsp.desk.com)
2) After the measurement/filter export you're saying there is a 10dB difference between your L&R? Most likely an issue of the setup/measurement. Once we see the project file once again, we'll understand. Did you do as follow maybe?
a) Start with Left channel measurement, adjust the level with the front knob
b) Go to the right channel measurement and adjust that level again?
If so you'd have an offset. From the point you do the measurements, you can't change the level on the front panel. It may throw the measurement procedure we'd guess.

Try to restore to default using our IR programmer plug-in and start again from scratch not doing any level control between steps.

As for the comment of "performance difference" between PC and DDRC-22, it's the same algorithm approved by Dirac so we'd have to understand first what you're seeing here with the above. I think that it's just a difference in how the unit was setup.

Just to make sure, you're "not" trying to load a Dirac PC version to the DDRC right? These configuration can't be saved.

miniDSP, building a DSP community one board at a time.
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Dirac Calibration Tool - Volume Contro/ not possib 6 years 9 months ago #15216

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Hello Devteam,

to 1: is on the way
to 2: No, misunderstanding. It is not after the measurement, it is before the measurement, exact at that point described in chapter 3.3.3 of the Dirac manual. At this adjustement step is the problem with the different output volume of the right and left output channel (i think this is a problem from the Dirac calibration Live Tool). Some explanations before (situation before installation of the 22D)
1. my preamp has no bass/treble/balance adjustment possibilty - only volume, so nothing to play with
2. the vocals/instruments more or less in the middle between the left and right box (differences only caused by manufacturing tolerances in the CO and chassis)
3. speakers and sweet spot positioned in a perfect triangle
4. Notebook checked, no difference in the balance of the soundcard!

Then when i started the Software and reached the step described in chapter 3.3.3 i hear and see after pressing the signal test button a difference in the volume level of the to boxes left box -10dB. For test i closed the software and started it again, no change. Then i startet the measurement and the result is described in my first post. Next day i tried to correct the wrong balance via notebook, not possible. But than i saw in the Software (same step chapter 3.3.3) a change in the output volume again, now the right box was at the level -6 dB!!
Before i did a new measurement i replaced then my amp with an older one, which has a balance adjustment knob. Therefore i was able to adjust the left and right output level. Afterwards i did a complete new measurement and get a much better result, but i'm not shure if the performance is the same as with the PC Version, the voices not perfect in the middle.
The only difference between measurement one and two was an complete shutdown of the computer and one day. I think this is a pure software problem.
to a: no
to b: no

your last comment, after the above described problems - logo - i tried this definitely ;-) But it didn't work, many popup failure messages - you cannot load the PC generated files...

thanks Franz
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