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TOPIC: Software Annoyances CDSP 8x12 DL

Software Annoyances CDSP 8x12 DL 5 months 2 weeks ago #44593

  • AfghanVet
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This is certainly a first world issue, and it may likely only be a case of an issue with my netbook.

I'm using an ASUS netbook with Windows 8.1 ( :dry: ) It has about an 8 inch screen with detachable keyboard and touch screen. Perfect size for this application, and it worked very well with my previous DSP's software.

When I open the plug-in, there is about a 30 second wait for the software to open - no hour glass, not sure if it is doing it or not - there has been times where two instances were opened at the same time inadvertently. Is this time frame what others have experienced, or is it tied to the speed of the device / OS? It doesn't seem to matter if it is connected to the DSP or not - when opening the software when not connected, it takes the same amount of time to open.

There have been many times when clicking on the 'Outputs 1-6' or 'Outputs 7-12' - mostly when connected to the DSP - that the software freezes - the tabs across the top are visible, but the majority of the screen is blank......sometimes waiting for 30 seconds seems to work, but other times, it is closing the plugin, opening again (30 seconds), getting connected, and trying again. Curious if others have experienced this - curious if it is only an issue with this netbook. I can't put the software on my work PC laptop (wouldn't want to - terrible), and my only other options are two Macs (which I prefer - but they are larger) - but I'm not sure if the software is happy yet on the Mac OS.
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Software Annoyances CDSP 8x12 DL 5 months 3 days ago #44811

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Unfortunately we've never seen this issue before but to be correct, 8x12 indeed does have a lot more variables to control than any of our DSP platforms. I wonder if maybe your netbook is underpowered? You're running the latest adobe air environment? If not sure, make sure to upgrade from here: get.adobe.com/air

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Software Annoyances CDSP 8x12 DL 2 months 1 week ago #46371

  • tmorrowus
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My two cents: a more powerful machine will be more reliable. I was often getting developer error messages in the plugin and dirac program when I was running on a 10+ year old m1330 laptop with sporadic wifi issues. I finally gave up and moved my 5 year old desktop windows computer to the garage, strung an ethernet cable, and the software runs 5 times as fast and no more unexplained errors.
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