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A freeware application by JLO to build correction file for OpenDRC or DRC. Send your comments/questions here.

TOPIC: A few problems with align2

A few problems with align2 2 years 3 months ago #31461

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So i started using the software.

First, thank you, JLO, for making so much of useful stuff available for free for the public. I enjoyed a few of your articles and now am trying to use your application - Align2.

I managed to install it correctly, so it kinda works with DRC method. Well, it creates convolution files and they seem to be correct.

What i struggle to make it do is:
- draw graphs
- work with PORC
- work with average measurements

So when i approach the last step in generating filters with single measurement by DRC method, i get this message when the program tries to draw the graph:


It refers to line 215, so here is the excerpt of the file:

213 grid("on");
214 axis([0.02, 20, -18, 30]);
215 safetics("x",[0.02,0.03,0.05,0.07,0.1,0.2,0.3,0.5,0.7,1,1.5,2,3,4,5,7,10,13,16,20]);
216 safetics("y",-18:3:30);
217 title("DRC-FIR correction");


When i try to use PORC method, i get a bombardment of File Not Found messages. I double checked everything - i don't use spaces or special characters in my paths or files. I tried using ProcessPORC file and here is what i get with it:

File "C:\align2\files\porc.py", line 37
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

I've read somewhere, that the program puts some content in the porc.py at the incorrect line. So i tried replacing it as per recommendation - at line 102.

Here is what i get when i replace it:

File "C:\align2\files\porc.py", line 103
polesL,polesH,Fmin,Fmid,Fmax,fract=,,20,,20000,Fs, data = wavfile.read(impresp)
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Averaging measurements:

When i use multiple measurepoints, i get a lot of file not found messages. This happens because the software cannot find the averaged files. Here one of the screens that i was able to catch:


The beginning of the file is as follows:

## This function is part of Align2, by Jean-Luc Ohl

fs =44100;
fdevice = '-S1200,220';
fpath = 'C:\align2\measurements\AvrMPs\';
fprefix = "test";
cd C:\align2\files\octave\;
wavnr = 4;

[ir,irm] = rceps(reshape(wavread('C:\align2\measurements\AvrMPs\201747-13h09-ir-R1.wav'),1, rows(wavread('C:\align2\measurements\AvrMPs\201747-13h09-ir-R1.wav'))));
wav1 = irm;
[ir,irm] = rceps(reshape(wavread('C:\align2\measurements\AvrMPs\201747-13h09-ir-R2.wav'),1, rows(wavread('C:\align2\measurements\AvrMPs\201747-13h09-ir-R2.wav'))));
wav2 = irm;
[ir,irm] = rceps(reshape(wavread('C:\align2\measurements\AvrMPs\201747-13h09-ir-R3.wav'),1, rows(wavread('C:\align2\measurements\AvrMPs\201747-13h09-ir-R3.wav'))));
wav3 = irm;
[ir,irm] = rceps(reshape(wavread('C:\align2\measurements\AvrMPs\201747-13h09-ir-R4.wav'),1, rows(wavread('C:\align2\measurements\AvrMPs\201747-13h09-ir-R4.wav'))));
wav4 = irm;
wavm =+20*log10(fft(wav1))+20*log10(fft(wav2))+20*log10(fft(wav3))+20*log10(fft(wav4));

So, if you do have any comments, please share.

I installed everything that was mentioned in the help either by downloading the packages or by using pip.
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