Introducing the Stereo Dirac Series of 24/96* high-resolution audio processors

miniDSP and Dirac Research bring you this unique hardware/software combination featuring Dirac Live® — the world's premiere digital room correction solution

Dirac Series high-resolution audio processors from miniDSP and Dirac Research
* "24/96" means 24-bit 96 kHz resolution.

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The Stereo Dirac Series of 24/96* high-resolution audio processors incorporate Dirac Live® room correction from Dirac Research. This sophisticated digital processing algorithm intelligently corrects frequency and time errors caused not only by the listening room but also by the speakers themselves. Audible benefits? Improved stereo imaging and soundstage; greater clarity and realism; more accurate timbre; and a deeper, tighter and more accurate bass.

* Dirac Series processors have 24-bit input/output resolution and 96 kHz internal processing



In the box

We all love great audio. We don't all love being turned into measurement engineers to get it. Each product in the Dirac Series includes everything you need to acoustically capture your listening room with an easy-to-use interface. In the box: a Dirac Series 24/96 high-resolution audio processor; your software license#; and a UMIK-1 measurement microphone with its own unique calibration file to ensure accuracy. So you can get great results, out of the box.

Dirac Series from miniDSP and Dirac Research - measurement screen

# Windows /Mac computer required to run measurement/calibration software

Dirac Series includes a UMIK-1 calibrated measurement microphone


Reclaim your computer

Computer-based audio has made great strides in the last few years. And we agree, it's very awesome. But it only works really well for computer-based files. So miniDSP has partnered with Dirac Research to create a solution that works in any audio system, including computer-based systems. Just insert a Dirac Series 24/96 high-resolution audio processor into the signal path. Measure; compute; disconnect. Use your infrared remote for real-time auditioning of up to four preloaded room correction filters. Plug and Play.

miniDSP Dirac series runs from remote control, with no computer needed for normal playback

Remote not included. See User Manual for accepted remote control codes.



Be impulsive

We all know about time; we all know about frequency. Time and frequency are like two sides of the same coin — change one, the other changes; push here, out it comes over there. But unlike other DRC systems, Dirac Live® independently corrects in time as well as in frequency, across the whole listening area. With measurement gear, you can see the effect in what is called the impulse response. Translated: the sound wave arrives at your ears as if it came from the perfect loudspeaker in the perfect room. Transients. Imaging. Clarity.

Dirac Series from miniDSP and Dirac Research - impulse response


Take Charge

Some digital room correction systems are a bit like trying to order a la carte at a fast food outlet — no matter what you order, you always get the same thing. But with the Dirac Series incorporating Dirac Live®, we put you in charge. Tell it what you want, and it'll make it. Adjust bass extension and boost for a meatier experience; tweak the midrange for maximum wholesomeness; tilt your treble for a little more (or less) spice. You're the boss.

Dirac Series from miniDSP and Dirac Research - filter design screen

Feature comparison

Number of audio channels 2 in, 2 out
Audio input connectivity Digital
Audio output connectivity Digital
Input/output resolution 24-bit
Internal sample rate 96 kHz
Maximum input sample rate 192kHz
Calibration software DLCT1
Filtering technology Dirac Live®
Impulse response correction Yes
Number of onboard presets 4
Infrared remote learning Yes
UMIK-1 included in purchase Yes
  1. Dirac Live Calibration Tool multichannel for miniDSP

What's included

  • A Stereo Dirac Series 24/96 high-resolution audio processor
  • Your license for Dirac Live Calibration Tool Stereo for miniDSP (Windows/Mac compatible)
  • A UMIK-1 calibrated measurement microphone
  • A microphone tripod stand