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Music & Design

The NaO Note II RS is the newest offering from Music and Design. Advancing the proven performance of the NaO II, the Note II RS is a 4-way, active, full range dipole system which uses the miniDSP 2x8 or 4x10 HD digital crossover and can be build for a modest cost. The driver set consists of front and rear Vifa OX20SC00 ¾"; dome tweeters; the ScanSpeak Discovery 10F4424 and 22w8534 serve as the upper and lower midrange drivers; a pair of Peerless SLS 830668 woofers handle the bass. Peerless XXLS 835016 woofer may be substituted at additional cost for increased bass capability. The basic driver set can be purchased for as low as $722 and the system can be build for under $1300. There is no expensive active analog crossover to build and test. Just build the frames, mount the drivers, flash the miniDSP with the supplied configuration files, connect your amplifiers and you are ready to listen. The miniDSP allows easy and rapid changes in the system voicing to meet the listeners taste, environment and source material. The performance of the Note II RS equals or exceeds that of system costing many times more. See more information on Music and Design Page.

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 Frequency response

 Frequency Response


Measurement polar response

Measured polar response

(left to right, 125-250 Hz, 250-500 Hz, 500-1k Hz, 1k-2kHz, 2k-4k Hz, 4k-8k Hz, 8k-16k Hz).