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Siegfried Linkwitz is a well known reference in the Audio industry. His work range from filtering to speaker building and has been referenced/used by many designers worldwide for the past few years. The Linkwitz Lab website is a goldmine of information on advanced filtering, speaker building and even basic concepts of acoustic and speaker design. A reference website for any audio designer!

The latest addition to Linkwitz Lab portfolio is the LXmini, an alternative to the Pluto 2.1 design and built around a miniDSP 2x4 platform. Fully engineered by Siegfried himself and his legendary handmade pole/zero diagrams, this new design is yet another

The LXmini is a most remarkable loudspeaker. It converts electrical signal voltages into acoustic pressure variations, which are perceived as completely neutral and detailed even in a reverberant environment. With this design I want to give every music lover the opportunity to build and enjoy a reference quality sound system singing in their own living space.

Siegfried Linkwitz


LXmini in Room



Woofer equalization


Frequency response measurements ON/OFF axis


As you can see from below cost, the ease of construction and the price put the LXmini within reach of many audiophiles and music lovers.

  • LXmini Construction Plans:    $105 USD
  • 4 SEAS drivers:    $320 USD
  • miniDSP 2x4 in a box:    $115 USD
  • USB power supply:    $15 USD
  • PVC/ABS pipes, couplers, cups:    $60 USD
  • Hardboard, Plywood, Rod:    $25 USD
  • Screws, spade lugs, cable clamps, terminal blocks, grip handle:    $20 USD
  • 60 ft of18 Gauge speaker cable, plugs:    $30 USD


More Info

  • The LXmini Construction Plans can be ordered from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. after 17 July 2014 and a whole lot of information can be found directly from Linkwitz Lab LXmini page
  • Want to get up and running in no time? Purchase a complete LxMini Kit from Madisound by clicking on the picture.