John Reekie from Hifizine, the enthusiast's audio webzine, documented an amazing design in the following 2 part articles. This is a prototype speaker dubbed the "Mini Convertible," which uses drivers from Seas of Norway ( and a miniDSP PWR-ICE125 plate amp for amplification and DSP crossover.  The prototype has a removable baffle for experimentation with different baffle profiles and cabinet bracing, but the final speaker will have the baffle glued (i.e. no screw holes).

DSP crossover diagram

The DIY speaker project is written up in a series of three articles covering design and prototyping, construction details, and detailed measurements and crossover configuration.

HifiZine Mini Convertible prototype rear view  HifiZine Mini Convertible prototype front view 


Driver and summed responses LR4 2000 Hz

Terms of use

This design is released under the Creative Commons Attribution license. That means, in a nutshell, that you can use it and modify it as you like, including commercial use of the design, provided that you provide attribution to the original source with this link:

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