Apple TV 4th generation ("ATV4") is the latest generation of audio and video streamer from Apple Inc. New to generation 4 is inbuilt Dolby® decoding for multichannel audio. This new feature means that it is now possible to connect it directly to the nanoAVR DL, miniDSP's tiny audio processor with Dirac Live®, the world's premiere room correction system.

Apple TV 4 with nanoAVR DL Dirac Live, view from front

The diagram below illustrates how to set up the Apple TV together with the nanoAVR DL. Just connect the HDMI output of the ATV4 to one of the HDMI inputs of the nanoAVR DL. (You can connect another source like a Blu-ray player to the second input of the nanoAVR DL, provided that the source generates multichannel linear PCM.) The output from the nanoAVR DL connects to an HDMI input on your receiver.

Apple TV 4 with nanoAVR DL Dirac Live connection diagram

This photograph shows the HDMI connection from the ATV4 to the nanoAVR DL (other connections are left out for clarity):

Apple TV 4 with nanoAVR DL Dirac Live, view from back showing HDMI connection

To set up the Apple TV to output multichannel linear PCM to the nanoAVR DL, set its "Surround Sound" setting to "Auto", as described in this article from Dolby Laboratories:

Now you can set up the nanoAVR DL as described in our comprehensive User Manual. When you are done, all audio from the Apple TV will have Dirac Live® room correction applied to it!

That's it for this app note! Have fun, and please let us know about your Apple TV and miniDSP experience in our forum.


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