The miniDSP's concept is to provide easy to use Digital Signal Processors(DSP) for audio filtering applications. From system tuning to multi-way crossover, our software programmable platforms can fulfil your dream audio project in few clicks of a mouse. There are few key points to remember while reading this website:

  • The Hardware platform handles the signal processing. It is the brain of your system and as you'll see from this website, we do have many "variants" to fit your needs.
  • The plug-in is the software user interface(UI) used for control/configuration of the DSP from a PC/Mac environment. All miniDSP platforms come with at least one free plugin.
  • Once configured, the hardware platform does not require a computer anymore as all settings are stored in memory. They are automatically reloaded at each boot-up.

Now that you understand the basic operation of our software controllable DSP, let's decide which type of hardware platform you will need step by step: 

STEP1: Before thinking of the type of filtering technique (FIR/IIR), you should first define the "I/O" (Input/Output) configuration of your system. Each system is unique so if you're unsure, start simple! Get a basic hand written diagram to confirm your system configuration. (e.g. CD player = 2 x IN, 2 way stereo speaker = 4 x OUT). Feel free to contact to our tech support team for confirmation.

STEP2: Try to match your I/O configuration above to a "Hardware DSP platform". You can see that some boards are sold as Kits (i.e. no box) and others in a box.

STEP3: Next step is to figure out if the plugin fits your applications. Best way is to review the hardware platform user manual to see the typical applications.

STEP4: Hardware + Plug-in figured out, you're ready to order! Feel free to contact our team if you have any questions.