The miniDSP U-DAC8 is a compact high-resolution eight-channel DAC with a myriad of uses, from PC-based home theater, multichannel audio, to computer-based active loudspeakers. In this application note we will show you how to use the U-DAC8 with JRiver Media Center to play back multichannel audio on your Mac.

Please note: miniDSP cannot provide support for third-party software. This app note shows you how to set up the miniDSP U-DAC8 with JRiver Media Center for multichannel audio playback but any functions of JRiver Media Center are beyond the scope of miniDSP support.

JRiver Media Center with U-DAC8

1. Get connected [Top]

Nothing could be simpler than connecting the U-DAC8 into your system:

  • Analog outputs to your multichannel amplifier/s and subwoofer (or to another device with multichannel analog inputs such as an A/V preamp or receiver)
  • Power connector for 5 VDC
  • USB connector to your Mac

2. Configure [Top]

We will assume that you already have an JRiver Media Center library set up, which includes multi-channel audio files. These files can be in multichannel (typically 5.1) PCM format up to 192 kHz, or in multichannel DSD format (again typically 5.1).

From the Player menu, select Playback Options.... Under Audio Device, drop down the selector and choose U-DAC8 Output:

JRiver Media Center Audio System configuration for U-DAC8

Then click OK.

If you want JRiver to perform bass management, from the Player menu, select DSP Studio:

JRiver Media Center bass management for U-DAC8

Configure as follows:

  1. Click on Room Correction to enable it and display the control panel.
  2. Select each speaker in turn to configure it (as in steps 3 and 4).
  3. For each speaker, set the highpass crossover.
  4. For each speaker, set the lowpass routing and slope.

You will need to set the items in steps 3 and 4 for your speakers and room. You can also adjust the other parameters on this screen like speaker distance and level.

3. Play! [Top]

Now you can browse to an album or file in the JRiver Media Center library (screenshot at top of page) and play by clicking on the Play button. You will hear multichannel audio playing through your system.

You can check the sample rate of the file and the DAC by going to the Player menu and viewing the Audio Path entry. Here is an example for 5.1 channel FLAC:

JRiver Media Center multichannel playing PCM through miniDSP U-DAC8 - file sample rate

When playing multichannel DSD files, JRiver Media Center will automatically convert them to PCM format at 176.4 kHz. Here is an example:

JRiver Media Center multichannel playing DSD through miniDSP U-DAC8 - file sample rate

That's it, have fun listening to multichannel audio with your miniDSP U-DAC8 and JRiver Media Center! Let us know how you go on our forum.


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