The miniDSP SHD can be used with a Logitech® Harmony® remote. For this app note, we tried two of the most affordable Harmony remotes, the Harmony 650 and the Harmony 350. The Harmony 650 has a small screen and is easier to set up, while the Harmony 350 is a bit cheaper. This short app note shows you how easy it is to set up!

miniDSP SHD with Harmony remote

Note that miniDSP cannot provide support for non-miniDSP products. Please contact Logitech Support if you have an issue with your Harmony remote that is not directly related to a miniDSP product.

To set up the remote, you will need to install the MyHarmony desktop app. (Click on the link for the download page.) When you start this app, you will need to log into your Logitech account, or create one if you don't already have one.

Connect your remote to your computer with the supplied USB cable and start MyHarmony. If you haven't added your Harmony to your account previously, click on the "Add a remote" button:

Add Harmony remote button

Cick on the remote icon and then Devices. Click on the "Add device" button:

Add device to Harmony remote button

Enter "minidsp" and "shd" as shown here and click the Add button:

Search for miniDSP device

And that's it! Your miniDSP SHD has been added:

miniDSP device added to Harmony

If your Harmony remote has a screen, you're all set to go. Volume and mute are mapped to the expected buttons, and you can use the soft buttons around the screen to navigate and control other functions of the SHD. If you wish, you can set up more hard buttons to directly control the SHD. In this example below, we've added preset selection to buttons 1 ‑ 4:

Set up hard buttons to control miniDSP device

With the Harmony 350, you will definitely need to add hard buttons, as there is no screen. The procedure is different to the above, so please refer to the Logitech documentation if you have this remote.

Once you've set up the remote, click on Sync in MyHarmony, then Finish. Disconnect the USB cable and test your remote with the SHD!

Harmony remote screens for miniDSP SHD

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