There are a number of well-regarded music players that can stream audio to the miniDSP SHD Series over your local area network (LAN). In this app note, we will show you how to use Audirvana Plus. Audirvana Plus is available for Mac and Windows. It is a commercial program with a 15-day free trial.

We'll assume that you've already downloaded Audirvana Plus, installed it, and set it up with a library of music files on your hard drive. And, of course, that your SHD is connected to your network via its Ethernet port. Before proceeding, set the SHD to LAN input:

Select LAN input on miniDSP SHD

Open Preferences in Audirvana Plus and go to the Audio System tab. Click on the Change button next to the Preferred Audio Device option to drop down a selection menu:

Preferred Audio Device for Audirvana Plus to miniDSP SHD

Select UPnP: Minidsp shd and click the Select button. Set the other options as shown in this screenshot:

Preference pane for Audirvana Plus to miniDSP SHD

If the SHD isn't showing up as a choice in the Audirvana Plus Preferences, go to the Volumio web interface for the SHD and in the My Music settings, double-check that UPNP Renderer is enabled:

Enable UPnP for Audirvana Plus to miniDSP SHD

Now go to the Audirvana Plus Library pane, select an album from your library and play it. You should hear audio from the SHD! For extra bonus points, download the A+ Remote onto your iPhone or iPad and set it up to remotely control audio playback from your computer:

A+ Remote from

(Image from

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