You have an OpenDRC or miniSHARC kit and now wondering how to build your own FIR filters. Over the years that we've been looking into FIR, there are few tools we've found that are worth sharing with you. Here is a non exaustive list. Please feel free to email us to share more info!

rePhase (Freeware)

Designed by Thomas (Pos), rePhase is a neat little freeware tool for building your FIR  filters. Please make sure to take the time to support this great application. 
A complete step by step guide is available on miniDSP website at the following link

FIR screenshot

Filter Hose (Commercial)

Check out the software by HXAudioLab. A well known platform for all FIR audiophiles. Make sure to check out the application note on this website

HXAudio Lab software - FIR Filtering

Ultimate EQ (commercial)

Ultimate EQ is the work of art from Bohdan Raczynski. This very powerful software now has support for generating coefficients for the OpenDRC and miniSHARC series. Make sure to check out our application notes. 

FIR Designer

FIR Creator and FIR Designer (macOS and Windows) are comprehensive tools for creating FIR filters and mixed IIR/FIR filter solutions for loudspeakers. They provide both manual and automatic methods for manipulating magnitude and phase, and can export filters suitable for many processors including miniDSP. The regular work-flow starts with importing a loudspeaker measurement, then designing a FIR filter to achieve a desired overall target response.
Alternatively the tools have a Direct Design mode for creating FIR filters without reference to a measurement. FIR Designer includes an averaging tool for combining up to 200 measurements and a 2nd view of any workflow plot.

FIRd FIRc Nov2017 900x537

Align2 (Freeware)

Align2 is a free audio softwre designed by JL Ohl to calculate loudspeaker correction for OpenDRC hardware or for convolution softwares.
It was first designed as a GUI for DRC (D. Sbragion) or PORC (M. Green) but evolved with many added functions.

Align2 software

Iowa Hills Filter design tools (Freeware)

This free FIR filter design program uses the Parks McClellan algorithm and Fourier Transform (windows) method to synthesize filters. It is capable of synthesizing a wide variety of filter types in the form of linear phase, minimum phase, or an IIR type phase response. Possible filter types include the Raised Cosine, Bessel, Inverse Chebyshev, and others. Hilbert filters, Differentiators, and other specialized band pass filters are available from our Hilbert Filters program. Make sure to check out the wealth of information on the website of Iowa Hills!

FIR Screen Shot IOWA Hills dilter design

ScopeFIR (Commercial)

ScopeFIR is an advance tool for building all your FIR filters. A well known software recommended for any hardcore designer. Note that this software requires a license.

ScopeFIR5 small

Octave (Open Source)

Here is an open source solution using a Math package. Octave is a well known GNU (open source) package widely used as an alternative to Matlab. Here is a simple step by step for building a FIR filter under Octave.  

Octave Open Source

T-Filter (Free online tool)

An online FIR filter designer tool. A very basic GUI for a quick to use application. Check it out here.

TFilter Free Online FIR tool

MatLab (Commercial package)

Last but not least, Matlab and its processing toolbox is certainly very effective at building FIR filters and simulate their response. Here is a summary from the help file. 


Got a software that you could recommend? Please get in touch with us so we can advertise it in this section. 


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