Guenter Villnow
Guenter Villnow

Thanks to the WI-DG and a new update of miniDSP's IoS/Android app, control of miniDSP platforms from your mobile phone just got a lot easier! In the following application note, we'll highlight steps to get up and running in only a few minutes. 


What you need

See the diagram below for the way this is set up. You will need:

  1. A supported miniDSP hardware unit. See the list of supported platforms for miniDSP app on the WI-DG product page.
  2. miniDSP WI-DG. This tiny box bridges the USB control port to the network (Wifi/ethernet) and enables the miniDSP hardware to be controlled and discoverable by the miniDSP app/plugins.
  3.  miniDSP's Android or IoS app: This free app can be downloaded and installed from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Follow the instructions in the WI-DG User Manual to set it up. You can setup your WI-DG in Station Mode or AP Mode. Connect things up as shown in the diagram below. If you haven't already, use the plugin to make sure that the Wi-DG and hardware unit are set up and working properly.


Install the miniDSP App

For Android, click this link or open Google Play Store App, search for 'minidsp' and get the App named 'miniDSP Controller'.

For iOS, click this link or open App Store, search for 'minidsp' and get the App named 'miniDSP control App'.

Control at your fingertips!

Make sure your Android/IoS device is connected to the same network as the WI-DG. 

Open the miniDSP App, you will be presented with a 'Wifi' button, tap on it to scan for the miniDSP connected to Wi-DG.

android_Ios_miniDSP_app Tap on the discovered device to connect to it. In this example a miniDSP-2x4-HD was discovered connected to a Wi-DG with IP:

android_Ios_miniDSP_app A device control screen will be displayed, indicating suceesful connection, You can perform the following basic control functions to this device:

  1. Source selection
  2. Master volume control
  3. Master mute control
  4. Preset selection
  5. Dirac Live On/Off (Available for Dirac Live capable devices only)

android Ios miniDSP app

Linking units

For customers wanting to remotely control multiple devices (e.g. control of multiple PWR-ICE/nanoAVR units or multiple USB processors), you can link them up to apply a change (E.g. master volume) on multiple units at once. In the event you're trying to control multiple USB processors (E.g. 2x4HD), you will require one WI-DG per miniDSP USB device. Here are the steps to enable linking from miniDSP's Controller. 

Open the miniDSP App and connect to one of the device you'd like to group. In the device control page, click the 'Link Device' button.

android miniDSP app

A list of available devices is displayed on the next screen. Click the 'Link' button to link that device. The 'Link' button will turn green once done.
To unlink a device, simply click again the 'Link' button. It will turn back to grey to indicated it's unlinked as shown below. 


Click the 'Back' button to go back to device control page. All changes will now apply to all linked devices.  

Link-group History

 The history features allows you to recover the linked state you may have made before. To access the 'History' page, go to the 'Wifi' page and click the 'History' tab.


The group of devices that has been linked will be displayed in a list in this page as per below. 'Front Left' and 'Front Right' wered linked previously and belonge to a link-group. 'Front Left', 'Sub' and 'Front Right' used to belong another link-group. Choose your previously configured "link-group"to apply changes as required. 


In some specific events, some devices of your network may be offline (E.g. unit turned off). See below how the font color indicates whether it is online (Green = discoverable and available on the network) or offline (Red = not discoverable or not available on the network).


Note that a link-group won't be accessible/operable if any of the devices in a link-group is unavailable/disconnected(i.e.red font). 

Finally, you can delete any linked group with a simple drag to the the left. A 'Del' (for delete) button appears. Tap on this button to remove this specific group from your history. 



Wrapping up

That's it for this app note! Have fun, and please let us know what you think of the miniDSP App in our forum.

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