Align2 is a free audio softwre designed by JL Ohl to calculate loudspeaker correction for OpenDRC hardware or for convolution softwares.
It was first designed as a GUI for DRC (D. Sbragion) or PORC (M. Green) but evolved with many added functions.

Main features :
- own measurements with sinesweep or import of measurements from REW, Arta, Holm,...
- EQ calculation with DRC or PORC algorithms
- minimal phase or linear phase correction choice
- main listening position or multi positions averaging
- adjustable corrections : time gatings, max/min frequencies (ie for subs), target curve, power of correction,...
- microphone correction
- full set of analysis before/after correction : time, magnitude, phase, ETC, spectrogram, wavelets, localisation, RT60,...
- graphs for stereo or 5.1
- direct export of bin file for Opendrc
- various conversions tools for audio files : frequency, wav to bin, bin level, mono to stereo, convolution, averaging,...

It runs under Windows (XP and later) and needs Octave and Python (for PORC) to be installed (install links are found in soft).
This soft is easy to use : default parameters are already set. But to optimally use all features, the user better has some knowledge about digital correction of loudspeakers. Recommended is especially the DRC manual
Align2 software is here with an included help file : download

A step by step procedure for Align2 will be available in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

Align2 plugin

Align2 plugin
"NOTE: Based from feedback from community member Meeu355:
When Align2 inserts this line into the file:  polesL,polesH,Fmin,Fmid,Fmax,fract=,,20,,20000,
It inserts in into the license comments section causing a syntax error. The line is currently inserted at line 37. It needs to be at line 102."

Like this freeware software? We certainly do and would like to give all credits to miniDSP member JLO. Get involved and send your support on this dedicated forum post section.


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