It's an honour to see Pat Brown from Synaudcon ( using the OpenDRC + rephase + REW for a comprehensive review of the influence of FIR filters! His review is available on and goes through a real life scenario of the advantage/limitations of FIR along with speaker design. A must read!


For more info on Synaudcon and the great learning/training sessions, make sure to check out their website.


After meeting each other at CES 2011, Andrew Robinson from HomeTheater took the opportunity to review the miniDSP 2x4 unit. Initially wondering what this little box was about, Andrew quickly picked up the pace to put the miniDSP at use in his system. By giving it an overall 4.5 star out of 5, I guess that Andrew enjoyed our affordable DSP! A complete review of the miniDSP 2x4 product is now available on HomeTheater Review website at the following link.



Nick Whetstone did a very comprehensive review of how to jumpstart your miniDSP system in few simple steps. With a real life experience at reviving his 2way Audax system, Nick summarizes his miniDSP experience in better words than any user manual. Check out his article on TNT Audio website for a comprehensive review of miniDSP.



In an exclusive five page article, Harry Baggen from Elektor, the number one electronic magazine, provides an objective review of the whole miniDSP product range. Based on a miniDSP + miniDIGI + miniAMP combo, Harry was able to experience step by step how to configure and prototype his 2 way loudspeaker in very little time. A very complete and informative review available for download at the following link.


This article is offered for download on the miniDSP website with the permission of Elektor International Media. As the number one electronic magazine, we certainly recommend you to browse Elektor website for electronic circuits ranging from audio to microcontroller programming.