miniDSP DDRC-88A review (Feb 2017)

When Mike @ ProTools Expert contacted miniDSP and Dirac Live to learn more of our room correction series for a studio application, we were very excited at this opportunity to get the product tested inside out on his system. The end result is an exciting review with lots of great feedback. Make sure to check it out here.


The price point is just right, especially when you compare its features and price with Sonarworks and Trinnov Audio. $999 for an 8 channel unit that can handle up to 7.1 monitoring is impressive, and if you need bass management then that is just an extra $99. For me it has the benefits of Trinnov in being a separate piece of hardware that sits between my interface and my monitors and the price closer to Sonarworks.

The 4 presets, which you can select using the front panel controls, could give you a range of different profiles, maybe one for the mix position, another when you have two people sharing the mix position, maybe a 3rd for the client sofa.

They write my kind of manual, it is clear and easy to follow, has lots of screenshots, as well as background explanation to help understand what is going on, the works. Then there is also loads of additional information on their web site too. Then there was their very helpful and knowledgeable tech support team too that responded very promptly with considered answers.

But ultimately, it comes gone to the sound and even though I have a very good monitoring system, the review unit won't be going back to Hong Kong. I will be buying it and sending them the money instead. Enough said.


Mike Thornton @ ProTools Expert

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