The monthly magazine AudioXpress is a well known reference for many audio engineers, manufacturers and speaker builders. We are proud to see two of main authors talking about their experience with the miniDSP 2x4 and DDRC-24.

DDRC-24 review (Dec 2016)

In his fascinating series “Room Correction Revisited: Part 6,” Ron Tipton reviews the new miniDSP DDRC-24, a recently introduced USB DAC+DSP Digital Room Correction versatile stereo processor powered by Dirac Live. This is now the world’s smallest Dirac Live hardware processor, making room correction available in a compact hardware unit.

''The DDRC-24 and the UMIK-1 package is currently priced at 525USD plug shipping from Hong Kong. Although no inexpensive, it is on the best ways I've found to listen to excellently processed stereo music from all my sources."

Ron Tipton from

miniDSP 2x4 in a stereo system (April 2016)

Claude Goeuriot takes us through the steps of building  a complete stereo system in a box, including preamp + DSP + amplifiers. Well worth reading!

''The MiniDSP 2×4 is a flexible and simple way to design a crossover. It is so flexible that you are always tempted to continually retune the system. Freeware such as REW or ADC (which I tested but did not use for this project) is available to precisely equalize the drivers and the complete loudspeaker. So, now it is time to stop writing and spend time listening to music.''

Claude Goeuriot from

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