By far on the largest AV/HT community. we're honored to see lead reviewer Mark Henninger take the time to put our products through the paces! Check out the lengthy reviews from Mark on both the nanoAVR and DDRC-88A, you'll learn a lot!

DDRC-88A review (Aug 2015)

When I listen to the system with Dirac Live and then switch to MCACC Pro, I'm reminded of why my first encounter with Dirac was so memorable. It elevates the whole system, much more so than any other $1000 investment I can think of—as long as you've already got some good gear. The effect of a room is an overwhelming element in any system. The degree to which Dirac Live takes the room out of the equation sets it apart from any room-correction system I've heard in the past. I consider it a must-have.

Mark Henninger from AVSForum

nanoAVR HD review (April 2015)

I'm really excited about adding a nanoAVR to my AV system; it represents a significant upgrade when compared with the EQ capabilities of my Pioneer Elite SC-55 AVR. Specifically, it allows me to set custom crossover points for my front and rear speakers. It also vastly improves upon my Pioneer's built-in EQ capabilities.

Mark Henninger from AVSForum

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