miniDSP 2x4HD Calibration System (Oct 2016)

John Sciacca takes us through the steps of tuning his room with a 2x4HD with the help of REW + UMIK-1

''This is certainly no substitute for taking an audio calibration course such as those offered by the Home Acoustics Alliance. However, this is a terrific way to get your feet wet in audio calibrations for a minimal investment, add a justifiable “audio calibration” line item to your installs, and leave a client’s home with measured proof that you have made their system sound as good as possible in their room.''

John Sciacca from Residential Systems

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By far on the largest AV/HT community. we're honored to see lead reviewer Mark Henninger take the time to put our products through the paces! Check out the lengthy reviews from Mark on both the nanoAVR and DDRC-88A, you'll learn a lot!

DDRC-88A review (Aug 2015)

When I listen to the system with Dirac Live and then switch to MCACC Pro, I'm reminded of why my first encounter with Dirac was so memorable. It elevates the whole system, much more so than any other $1000 investment I can think of—as long as you've already got some good gear. The effect of a room is an overwhelming element in any system. The degree to which Dirac Live takes the room out of the equation sets it apart from any room-correction system I've heard in the past. I consider it a must-have.

Mark Henninger from AVSForum

nanoAVR HD review (April 2015)

I'm really excited about adding a nanoAVR to my AV system; it represents a significant upgrade when compared with the EQ capabilities of my Pioneer Elite SC-55 AVR. Specifically, it allows me to set custom crossover points for my front and rear speakers. It also vastly improves upon my Pioneer's built-in EQ capabilities.

Mark Henninger from AVSForum

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miniDSP 10x10HD (Jan 2014)

We're really proud to see the miniDSP 10x10 receiving an extensive review from Kalman Rubinson on Stereophile magazine! Put to the test for the equalization of his 5.1 surround sound setup, Kalman goes indepth on the use of REW, speaker and room tuning. A must read!

...the miniDSP 10x10Hd gave me the tools to do what I want in order to get the sound that I want. The 10x10Hd makes it easy to look under the hood of room EQ.

Kalman Rubinson from

nanoAVR HD (Jul 2014)

Kal Rubinson keeps pushing the limit of our platforms with yet another complete review of his experience with the nanoAVR in his budget equipment review.

I can now highly recommend the miniDSP nanoAVR 8x8 for use with high-end pre-pros that lack EQ or have limited or inadequate EQ.

Kalman Rubinson from

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The HomeTheaterShack community and the great team behind it goes at great length to review products. Reading from the lengthy but well written technical reviews from Wayne Myers, we can only guess that it too a lot of time and energy to fully evaluate the product.

nanoAVR DL review (June 2015)

I simply have to say my experience reviewing these products has been one of the most positive I have had to date. This is simply a phenomenal product, and, where it fits one's system configuration needs, I can think of no reason it should not be at or near the top of any serious listener's purchase list, if they do not have one already

Wayne Myers from HomeTheaterShack

nanoAVR HD review (Aug 2014)

The nanoAVR HD is a dynamite offering from the miniDSP team, and gets my full recommendation...

Wayne Myers from HomeTheaterShack

DDRC-22D review (Jul 2014)

I can enthusiastically recommend the miniDSP DDRC-22D as a truly Pro-Level DRC offering

Wayne Myers from HomeTheaterShack


The monthly magazine AudioXpress is a well known reference for many audio engineers, manufacturers and speaker builders. We are proud to see two of main authors talking about their experience with the miniDSP 2x4. After Ron Tipton's introduction on March 2016 edition, Claude Goeriot couldn't resist to build a miniDSP stereo system thanks to a 2x4 kit!

miniDSP 2x4 in a stereo system (April 2016)

Claude Goeuriot takes us through the steps of building  a complete stereo system in a box, including preamp + DSP + amplifiers. Well worth reading!

''The MiniDSP 2×4 is a flexible and simple way to design a crossover. It is so flexible that you are always tempted to continually retune the system. Freeware such as REW or ADC (which I tested but did not use for this project) is available to precisely equalize the drivers and the complete loudspeaker. So, now it is time to stop writing and spend time listening to music.''

Claude Goeuriot from

audioxpress review

miniDSP 2x4 Balanced (March 2016)

In this great article, Gene goes at great length to optimize the Audioholics Showcase theater room by tuning multiple subs. A great review complemented by measurements and a youtube video. Make sure to check it out!

Bass nirvana was finally achieved in the Audioholics Showcase theater room system through multi-sub plus equalization through the mDSP device. I now have smooth, even, tight, extended bass for EVERY SEAT, not just a couple of preferred seats.

Gene DellaSala from

audioholics reviews

John Reekie from couldn't summarize in better details the steps involved in setting up a miniDSP system for a wide range of applications! From subwoofer tuning to 4way crossover, his detailed reviews take the time to explain the complete process from setup to measurement of the system, including diagrams and measurement results. For more info, have a look at HifiZine website at the following links: 

miniDSP 2x4 for Subwoofer equalization

miniDSP 2x4 for 4way Open Baffle project: Part 1 , Part 2

miniDSP 2x8 product review

PWR-ICE for the miniConvertible

nanoAVR HD review


DDRC-22A (Aug 2014)

Although you might need to brush up your French to understand the original version, this review obviously took some great effort to summarize the whole miniDSP Dirac Live experience! Great work from the French team @ Audiophonics and reviewer reviewer Jeff Blackman(Jacko).
PS: French is certainly useful to get your way around south of France so feel free to learn it, but Google translate is doing a good job too! :-)

The DDRC-22A is a serious product that opens up the possibility of adding an active acoustic correction performance in any stereo audio system in good order and without breaking the bank.

Jeff from

nanoAVR DL (Jan 2015)

It takes a lot of energy and effort to write a review as extensive as the one Jeff did for the nanoAVR. Certainly worth your time reading, though once again you might need to brush up your French first... :-) Make sure to use Google translate first.

The NanoAVR DL is a pretty amazing product. Surprising, because given its small size and simplified design, it achieves performance of the highest level. Compete and surpass the Audyssey XT32 is no small feat. MiniDSP again demonstrates they know DSP with this powerful acoustic correction system

Jeff from


It's an honour to see Pat Brown from Synaudcon ( using the OpenDRC + rephase + REW for a comprehensive review of the influence of FIR filters! His review is available on and goes through a real life scenario of the advantage/limitations of FIR along with speaker design. A must read!


For more info on Synaudcon and the great learning/training sessions, make sure to check out their website.


After meeting each other at CES 2011, Andrew Robinson from HomeTheater took the opportunity to review the miniDSP 2x4 unit. Initially wondering what this little box was about, Andrew quickly picked up the pace to put the miniDSP at use in his system. By giving it an overall 4.5 star out of 5, I guess that Andrew enjoyed our affordable DSP! A complete review of the miniDSP 2x4 product is now available on HomeTheater Review website at the following link.



Nick Whetstone did a very comprehensive review of how to jumpstart your miniDSP system in few simple steps. With a real life experience at reviving his 2way Audax system, Nick summarizes his miniDSP experience in better words than any user manual. Check out his article on TNT Audio website for a comprehensive review of miniDSP.