miniDSP 2x4 HD Kit

Introducing the long-awaited “reboot” of miniDSP’s best-selling 2x4 digital audio processor: the miniDSP 2x4 HD kit! This tiny powerhouse is jam-packed with miniDSP’s tried and proven audio processing functionality: large FIR banks, flexible parametric EQ, Butterworth and Linkwitz-Riley crossovers, advanced biquad programming, and delay on each output channel. miniDSP’s “one hardware many plugins” concept allows for many interesting future applications!

The upgraded on-board 400 MHz Analog Devices SHARC processor also ena-bles substantial processing upgrades previously available only on more ex-pensive platforms, such as 96 kHz internal processing for true high-resolution audio capability and assignable FIR filter taps for sophisticated equalization, crossover, and room correction capabilities. All to be accessed and programmed with miniDSP’s easy-to-use interface software.

I/O capabilities get an upgrade too, with the addition of USB audio streaming up to 192 kHz and a TOSLINK digital input. The miniDSP 2x4 HD kit will find application in full-sized hifi and home theater systems, on desktops, in cars, in recording studios — anywhere a compact, simple, yet surprisingly powerful DSP audio processor is needed.

The miniDSP 2x4 HD Kit is now available on our webshop for 195USD and through our dealer network immediately. Check out our product page for more info.
PWR-16 front&back view

Fitting 16channels of amplification into 1 rack unit. Sounds crazy? Yet it's the technical feat the PWR-16 can achieve and yet with great performance!

The miniDSP PWR-16 is a 400 Watt ultra-compact, highly-efficient audio power amplifier intended for multizone custom installations in modern homes, multi rooms, hotels, restaurants, bars, theatres, auditoriums, amusement parks, shopping malls etc. This amplifier is one of the lightest and most compact of its kind and excels with its impressive power-to-size ratio and its incredible power efficiency.

The PWR-16 features 16 channels of amplification by ICEpower® in eight zones. Each amplification channel can deliver peak power of 80W into a 4 ohm speaker. The two channels in a zone can be switched to BTL (bridge-tied load) mode to deliver peak power of 160W into an 8 ohm speaker. The result is an extremely flexible amplifier that can be used in many configurations.

A comprehensive set of control and protection features make the amplifier extremely flexible and robust. Remote enable, signal detection, and individu-al disabling of zones ensure minimum power consumption.

Now is now available on our webshop for 1199USD and through our dealer network immediately. Check out our product page for more info.


CDSP 6x8

Introducing the C-DSP 6x8, a new DSP platform targetting Mobile/Car audio installation. With our platforms being already used by many DIYers, the C-DSP 6x8  is what many of you asked for: A cost effective and reliable all-in-one car audio processor.

On the hardware side, the audio configuration of 6 x inputs (analog and digital) by 8 x outputs is perfect for multi-way setups. Don’t be fooled by its size or its price, this small enclosure packs high quality converters and enough DSP power to make your audio tweaking dreams come true. On the software side, the software application allows real time control of the unit via its driverless USB interface. The onboard microSD card slot supports offline configuration and firmware updates if you ever miss your laptop. Finally, the C-DSP 6x8 will follow in the footsteps of our product line with constant upgrades via new plug-ins and new features. Stay tuned for an exciting new ride!

The C-DSP 6x8 is now available on our webshop for 275USD and through our dealer network immediately. Check out our product page for more info.


DDRC-88A diagram

The DDRC-88A is the latest addition to miniDSP's Dirac Live® series. With its ability to process up to 8channel of room correction, it is the perfect fit to retrofit existing Home Theater applications (5.1/7.1) with premiere room correction. The platform can also be used for multiroom solutions as illustrated in our application note.

By simply inserting the miniDSP Dirac Series audio processor in the analog signal chain and utilizing the customized Dirac Live Calibration Tool together with the included UMIK-1 microphone, users can perform multi-point measurements in the listening room using a series of visuals for microphone placement.  In-room target curves can be designed and an optimized set of digital room correction filters can be generated and loaded back into the audio processor.

By independently correcting in time as well as frequency domains, miniDSP Dirac Series audio processors affect the impulse response enabling improved imaging and clarity, tighter bass and reduction of room resonances, elimination of early reflections, and reduced listening fatigue.  Just measure, compute and disconnect this out of the box room correction solution.

The DDRC-88A (analog input/output) is now available on our webshop and through our dealer network immediately. Check out our product page for more info.