Control of your miniDSP nanoAVR HD/DL just got easier! Introducing the miniDSP remote app for nanoAVR series, a free Android&iOS app for control of essential features. With ZeroConf at its core, units are self advertized on the network and become available in a device tree once connected to the Ethernet/Wifi network. Basic remote control functions include:
• Selects input source (HDMI 1/2)
• Master volume control
• Master mute
• Recall of preset (1-4)
• Dirac Live Bypass (nanoAVR DL only)

Compatible miniDSP models
• nanoAVR DL/HD - This application requires at least firmware v1.12 currently available under your User Downloads section of

The iOS app is now published on the app store at the following link.
The Android app is now published in the Google Play store at the following link.

Have fun and we look forward to hearing your feedback!

About miniDSP

miniDSP designs, develops and produces high quality audio products for users who seek to create and enjoy the best possible sound. Established in 2009, miniDSP is composed of audio and electronic engineers together with business minds whose passion for music has driven product development and created a passionate client base of audio enthusiasts in over 45 countries worldwide.

nanoAVR DL

Introducing the nanoAVR-DL, the latest brainchild from miniDSP to offer the world renowned Dirac Live® room correction algorithm. This palm size HDMI audio processor easily integrates with existing home theater systems when inserted into the HDMI signal path between an HDMI source and an AV receiver. It operates on eight channels of linear PCM audio while passing the video signal through untouched.

The user-friendly Dirac Live® Calibration Tool Multi-channel for miniDSP guides the user through the steps needed to perform a set of multi-point measurements in a home theater with up to 7.1 channels. Users can make arbitrary adjustments to the target response curve, individually or in groups, and also define the frequency range of correction. Up to four generated filter sets can be stored in the nanoAVR-DL for recall via infrared remote control or through an Android mobile application.

Dirac Live® employs a proprietary mixed-phase filtering scheme – filters that both match a desired magnitude response as well as generate a customized impulse response. The audible results from deploying Dirac Live® are remarkable: improved imaging and soundstage; greater clarity of vocals and dialog; smoother and more impactful bass; heightened realism. Simply put: a more exciting home theater experience!

Dirac Series with DiracLive logo

We all love great audio. We don’t all love being turned into measurement engineers so we can get it.  miniDSP has teamed up with Dirac Research to launch the miniDSP Dirac Series - a unique hardware and software combination that includes everything an audio enthusiast will need to acoustically capture a listening room, generate optimized room correction filters, and deploy them in the listening room.

By simply inserting the miniDSP Dirac Series audio processor in the analog (DDRC-22A) or digital (DDRC-22D) signal chain and utilizing the customized Dirac Live Calibration Tool together with the included UMIK-1 microphone, users can perform multi-point measurements in the listening room using a series of visuals for microphone placement.  In-room target curves can be designed and an optimized set of digital room correction filters can be generated and loaded back into the audio processor.

By independently correcting in time as well as frequency domains, miniDSP Dirac Series audio processors affect the impulse response enabling improved imaging and clarity, tighter bass and reduction of room resonances, elimination of early reflections, and reduced listening fatigue.  Just measure, compute and disconnect this out of the box room correction solution.

"It has been exciting to collaborate with miniDSP on this new product series," says Mathias Johansson, CEO of Dirac Research. "We saw a great match with miniDSP given their rapid innovation and commitment to providing audio enthusiasts with the latest technologies to enable excellent sound,” he continued.

"Dirac is well known for the premium audio quality and sound accuracy they have brought to luxury cars and professional cinema theatres around the world. We’re excited to embed Dirac Live® technology into our line of room correction audio processors,” said Antoine Rouget, Managing Director of miniDSP. “With our focus on simplifying the achievement of excellent audio in a variety of settings, we’re thrilled to bring Dirac’s technologies to a broader set of listening environments,” he continued.

miniDSP 10x10 front view

When Kalman Rubinson from Stereophile inquired about reviewing the miniDSP 10x10 along with the UMIK-1, we couldn't think of a better match for a reviewer with extensive experience on multichannel system tuning. Looking back at his review, we're certainly excited to see that the flexibility of the miniDSP 10x10 along with REW + UMIK combo paid up!

His extensive review is now available and posted in the "Music in the Round" section of the January 2014 issue. Here is a link to the article (part#2). As usual, we encourage all our readers to support the work of publications such as Stereophile, allowing all of us to discover new gear and read objective reviews!

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miniDSP Ltd is a company focusing on flexible & innovative digital signal processor for audio applications. We strive to provide Digital Signal Processing solutions that are simple to use, yet powerful. Join our community to learn more and stay tuned for further announcements.