Pushing once again the limits, miniDSP introduces the miniSHARC kit, a powerful DSP module designed to fit the needs of floating point audio processing for OEM applications and custom products. Powered by Analog Devices Sharc ADSP21369 processor, the miniSHARC will easily handles resource intensive filtering. From room correction to linear phase crossover filter, the miniSHARC palm size form factor is the perfect fit for to complete your product with a ready made module. From multiway speaker processing to complex FIR & IIR filtering configuration, the miniSHARC is a no compromise module configured via USB from the OpenDRC 2x2 or miniSHARC 4x8 plug-ins. 

The miniSHARC is available for sale for 185USD only from our webstore. Please check out the product page for more info.

About us

miniDSP Ltd is a company focusing on flexible & innovative digital signal processor kits. We strive to provide Digital Signal Processing solutions that are simple to use, yet powerful. Stay tuned for upcoming product releases!