When it comes to tuning a DSP processed system, an accurate measurement system is a key element to a successful tuning. What used to take a complex setup and a large bill just got a lot simpler!

Introducing the UMIK-1,  an omni-directional USB measurement microphone providing Plug & Play acoustic measurement. From speaker & room acoustic measurement to recording, this microphone provides low noise and accurate results you can rely on. Forget about driver installation, OS compatibility and un-calibrated mics. The Umik-1 is a USB Audio class 1 device automatically recognized by all Operating Systems (Windows/Mac/Linux). It is provided with a unique calibration file based on the serial number to insure an accurate measurement. Combined with REW software or other acoustic measurement software, it is the perfect match for a plug&play measurement system.

The UMIK-1 is available for sale for 75USD only from our webstore. Please check out the product page for more info.

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