From a radical product concept to reality, the PWR-DSP3 plate amplifier is now shipping! With its impressive high power capabilities, embedded DSP with Ethernet and AVB capabilities, the PWR-DSP3 is one of the most powerful and fully featured amplifier on the market. Another step up for the DSP4YOU Engineering team aimed at fitting the speaker designer's dream product.

Now available as a single unit or duo, the PWR-DSP3 provides a turnkey solution for building active speakers. No more worries about rack-mount space, long speaker wires and associated losses. Enjoy real time tuning of multiple speaker units via Wifi/Ethernet network from the comfort of your listening position. A big engineering leap typically reserved to Pro-Audio systems and now coming up to your doorstep. 

What's next? With the PWR-DSP3 now shipping, DSP4YOU isn't resting on its laurels with the upcoming release of two "little brothers" (PWR-DSP2/DSP1) expected to ship by mid July. An exciting new growing product portfolio for DSP4YOU. 

Check out the product page and miniDSP webstore for more info.

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