miniDSP DevTeam delivers breakthrough plug-ins targeting new exciting applications.

Following few weeks of programming, tinkering and listening sessions, our team is excited for the release of three new plug-ins:

- 2 way Advanced: For those of you wishing to dive in their digital filtering textbooks and experiment on custom IIR filtering techniques, now is your chance to build unique products. Combined with the ability to perform textbook filter implementations (Butterworth/LinkwitzRiley/Bessel/PEQ/Shelf), users can also load custom IIR filter banks with the new Biquad Filter Coefficient import feature. Simulate a custom filter with your favorite digital filter software, measure frequency response with a 3rd party software and finally import your measured frequency response with the new import feature. An advanced plug-in for the development of innovative audio products!

- 4 way Advanced: Similar to the 2way Advanced plug-in, but this time in a 4way configuration. This plug-in includes the same breakthrough features (biquad filter coefficient import, amplitude response import) to fulfill the needs of advanced programmers.

- Rear/Center channel: Deriving a Difference (Rear fill) or Sum (Center) channel from a stereo signal couldn't be easier thanks to this new plug-in. Another example at how our team listens to customers' needs and quickly implements innovative ideas to fill a market gap.

For detailed information, please refer to the plug-in datasheets availables in the Plug-ins section of our website.

Looking forward to a whole new range of applications, our team is excited at the promising future of the miniDSP community.

About us

MiniDSP is the DIY/OEM brand of DSP4YOU Ltd, a company focusing on Flexible & Low cost digital signal processor kits. We strive to provide DIYers and OEM manufacturers Digital Signal Processing solutions that are simple to use, yet powerful. Stay tuned for upcoming product releases!