With a fair amount of miniDSP kits already in use, we thought of kicking off the idea of a project contest! Besides giving you the opportunity of proudly showcasing your project, it gives our community some valuable feedback on how these boards are being used. So get your project, toolbox and camera skills together for a chance to win on of the following miniDSP prices!

- Contest Deadline: May 31st 2010
- Winning Prices:

1st Place: 1 x Free miniAMP or miniDIGI card! We'll let you choose whatever version works for you

2nd Place : 2 x Free miniDSP plug-in

3rd Place: 1 x Free miniDSP plug-in

All contestants: Guaranteed increased Forum Karma by 5 points, a way to showcase your involvement in the miniDSP community

- How to participate? Running for Gold Medal couldn't be easier! Just post a short description of your project in the showcase section of miniDSP forum. Describing to us why you chose the miniDSP/DIGI/AMP kit while giving us feedback on your overall impression. At least one picture showing how the kit is being used is required but feel free to document whatever you want.
- Ways to increase your chances of winning? Things we'll be looking for include: Creativity, Good use of the kit, Good documentation of your project.

Good luck to you all and may the DSP fun begin!