The miniDSP Team innovates again. Introducing miniStreamer, a low cost native 24/96kHz USB audio interface with SPDIF/I2S connectivity for audio Playback and recording. So much technology packed up in a tiny 2.3" x 1.4" board. Engineered to provide a flexible interface for your Digital Audio needs, miniSTREAMER can easily interface to a miniDIGI card, or any other I2S interface.  From transformer isolated SPDIF inputs&outputs to buffered I2S outputs, miniStreamer is the perfect fit for a USB audio playback (DAC) or recording interface. Finally, thanks to its PCB metal mount, three openings to your chassis is all it takes integrating miniStreamer to your product. In summary, miniSTREAMER is a USB audio to I2S/SPDIF interface that fits your needs and your budget!

Check out the product page and miniDSP webstore for more info.

About us

MiniDSP is the DIY brand of DSP4YOU Ltd, a company focusing on Flexible & Low cost digital signal processor kits. We strive to provide DIYers and OEM manufacturers Digital Signal Processing solutions that are simple to use, yet powerful. Stay tuned for upcoming product releases!