MiniDSP new plugins

New Year, New Plug-ins, New project ideas!

To better start the new year, our DevTeam worked hard to give the DIY DSP community a new plug-in. We've listened to many of your suggestions and here it is: a 4 way crossover in a 3" package! Loaded with 31 bands graphic equalizer, per channel delay, a wide range of low/high pass filter organized in 4 banks of bandpass, polarity control, per channel digital gain... this plug-in is another a nice addition to the miniDSP current portfolio.

For more information, please download the datasheet available in the download section of our website.

About us

MiniDSP is the DIY brand of DSP4YOU focusing on low cost digital signal processor kits. We're a startup company based in Hong Kong with a team made up of audio & networking engineers. We aim at bringing flexible low cost solutions for digital audio signal processing applications. Stay tuned for our other upcoming product releases!