MiniDSP kit

After many hard weeks of design and listening sessions later, MiniDSP kits are finally ready to ship! MiniDSP is a novel product concept, a new way to look at DIY & Custom audio applications. No more passive crossovers, no more bulky units, get all the basic signal processing blocks you need from a 3"x3" board!

Big sound & Small price

Graphic equalizers, wide range of low-/ high- pass filters (Butterworth, Linkwitz Riley, Bessel), RMS meters, delays, matrix mixers, you name it, we've got it! MiniDSP kits offer a great way to fine-tune your sound system easily and professionally.  You can now equalize your car audio or build your custom digital audio processor applications with MiniDSP.

About us

MiniDSP is the DIY brand of DSP4YOU focusing on low cost digital signal processor kits. We're a young startup company based in Hong Kong with a team made up of audio & networking engineers. We aim at bringing flexible low cost solutions for digital audio signal processing applications. Stay tuned for our other upcoming product releases!