Following miniDSP's mission to provide "Affordable Digital Signal Processing", miniDSP releases another exciting new platform! Welcoming to our growing product portfolio the miniDSP 8x8. More inputs & outputs to complement a full featured platform for 399USD only!

miniDSP 8x8 and its respective 10x10 plug-in is the results of many months of internal R&D and beta testing at miniDSP HK's office. Combining high quality converters, both balanced and unbalanced inputs, low noise power supply and jumper configurable inputs/outputs, the miniDSP 8x8 is a strong contender in terms of quality, performance and obviously price.

On the plug-in side, the 10x10 Xover plug-in offers full matrixing between all analog and digital inputs and outputs. It is the flexibility you have been looking for when building multi-zone systems (e.g. 7.1) or multi-way speakers. Finally, the addition of a compressor/limiter for all outputs gives the peace of mind that your system is protected against over-driving. Note that the 10x10 plug-in is also compatibility with miniDSP 2x8 platforms.

Check out the product page and miniDSP webstore for more info.

About us

miniDSP Ltd is a company focusing on Flexible & Low cost digital signal processor kits. We strive to provide DIYers and OEM manufacturers Digital Signal Processing solutions that are simple to use, yet powerful. Stay tuned for upcoming product releases!