CDSP 6x8

Introducing the C-DSP 6x8, a new DSP platform targetting Mobile/Car audio installation. With our platforms being already used by many DIYers, the C-DSP 6x8  is what many of you asked for: A cost effective and reliable all-in-one car audio processor.

On the hardware side, the audio configuration of 6 x inputs (analog and digital) by 8 x outputs is perfect for multi-way setups. Don’t be fooled by its size or its price, this small enclosure packs high quality converters and enough DSP power to make your audio tweaking dreams come true. On the software side, the software application allows real time control of the unit via its driverless USB interface. The onboard microSD card slot supports offline configuration and firmware updates if you ever miss your laptop. Finally, the C-DSP 6x8 will follow in the footsteps of our product line with constant upgrades via new plug-ins and new features. Stay tuned for an exciting new ride!

The C-DSP 6x8 is now available on our webshop for 275USD and through our dealer network immediately. Check out our product page for more info.