DDRC-88A diagram

The DDRC-88A is the latest addition to miniDSP's Dirac Live® series. With its ability to process up to 8channel of room correction, it is the perfect fit to retrofit existing Home Theater applications (5.1/7.1) with premiere room correction. The platform can also be used for multiroom solutions as illustrated in our application note.

By simply inserting the miniDSP Dirac Series audio processor in the analog signal chain and utilizing the customized Dirac Live Calibration Tool together with the included UMIK-1 microphone, users can perform multi-point measurements in the listening room using a series of visuals for microphone placement.  In-room target curves can be designed and an optimized set of digital room correction filters can be generated and loaded back into the audio processor.

By independently correcting in time as well as frequency domains, miniDSP Dirac Series audio processors affect the impulse response enabling improved imaging and clarity, tighter bass and reduction of room resonances, elimination of early reflections, and reduced listening fatigue.  Just measure, compute and disconnect this out of the box room correction solution.

The DDRC-88A (analog input/output) is now available on our webshop and through our dealer network immediately. Check out our product page for more info.