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We all love great audio. We don’t all love being turned into measurement engineers so we can get it.  miniDSP has teamed up with Dirac Research to launch the miniDSP Dirac Series - a unique hardware and software combination that includes everything an audio enthusiast will need to acoustically capture a listening room, generate optimized room correction filters, and deploy them in the listening room.

By simply inserting the miniDSP Dirac Series audio processor in the analog (DDRC-22A) or digital (DDRC-22D) signal chain and utilizing the customized Dirac Live Calibration Tool together with the included UMIK-1 microphone, users can perform multi-point measurements in the listening room using a series of visuals for microphone placement.  In-room target curves can be designed and an optimized set of digital room correction filters can be generated and loaded back into the audio processor.

By independently correcting in time as well as frequency domains, miniDSP Dirac Series audio processors affect the impulse response enabling improved imaging and clarity, tighter bass and reduction of room resonances, elimination of early reflections, and reduced listening fatigue.  Just measure, compute and disconnect this out of the box room correction solution.

"It has been exciting to collaborate with miniDSP on this new product series," says Mathias Johansson, CEO of Dirac Research. "We saw a great match with miniDSP given their rapid innovation and commitment to providing audio enthusiasts with the latest technologies to enable excellent sound,” he continued.

"Dirac is well known for the premium audio quality and sound accuracy they have brought to luxury cars and professional cinema theatres around the world. We’re excited to embed Dirac Live® technology into our line of room correction audio processors,” said Antoine Rouget, Managing Director of miniDSP. “With our focus on simplifying the achievement of excellent audio in a variety of settings, we’re thrilled to bring Dirac’s technologies to a broader set of listening environments,” he continued.

The DDRC-22A (analog input/output) and DDRC-22D (digital input/output) room correction audio processors are available immediately.
About miniDSP

miniDSP designs, develops and produces high quality audio products for users who seek to create and enjoy the best possible sound.  Established in 2009, miniDSP is composed of audio and electronic engineers together with business minds whose passion for music has driven product development and created a passionate client base of audio enthusiasts in over 30 countries worldwide. www.minidsp.com

About Dirac Research
Dirac Research is a premier R&D company specializing in high-performance digital sound optimization, room correction and sound field synthesis. The company was founded in 2001 by researchers at Uppsala University, Sweden.  With Dirac's patented toolbox for audio system optimization, customers such as Rolls Royce, BMW, Bentley and Datasat Digital Entertainment have achieved dramatically improved sound quality and a shortened time-to-market. Dirac Research maintains offices in Sweden, Japan, USA, China and Korea. www.dirac.se