With only 24h to go before 2014, we couldn't wait longer to announce this breakthrough addition to our portfolio!

Introducing the nanoAVR, a 2-input HDMI audio and video switch combined with a high-resolution 8-channel audio processor. The floating-point SHARC digital signal processor (DSP) at the core of the nanoAVR provides an unmatched level of tuning of eight channels of uncompressed audio (raw/PCM). Channel routing, independent crossovers and 10 bands of parametric equalization on every channel, time alignment... this pocket-sized processor provides all the audio processing flexibility our brand is known for.

In its most typical application, the nanoAVR connects between two HDMI sources (Blu-ray or DVD player, media streamer, gaming console) and an A/V receiver. From tuning a subwoofer to time-aligning and equalizing a full 7.1 system, there is no shortage of applications for this little box once combined with a UMIK-1 and our long time partner Room EQ Wizard (REW).

A first batch will be shortly available for pre-order early Q1 2014 so stay tuned for shipping announcements. For more technical information, please consult the product page

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