miniDSP is honored to see our friends @ Dirac and Sonic Studio recommend the UMIK-1 for their room correction software. A great addition to our list of partners and we look forward to greater partnerships!

Dirac Live Room Correction Suite (RCS) and Sonic Studio's Amarra player are well known figures of the Hifi industry requiring little introduction. The R&D team of Dirac with its roots in academia serves as a quality guarantee. Their reference customers are the global leaders of their respective businesses in the world. They are not satisfied with anything else than the best. Neither are we. Dirac Live® is a technology that tunes a loudspeaker to the listening room, thereby minimizing detrimental effects from poor speaker placements and room acoustics.

Sonic Studio workstations have been adopted worldwide by motion picture and recording studios, major record labels and high end mastering facilities. On award–winning motion picture soundtracks and more than half of all commercially released CD, Sonic Studio’s customers consistently win Grammy®, Emmy® and Oscar® awards for their exceptional audio work. Sonic Studio continues to lead the way to the ultrafidelity computer based audio of with the Amarra computer music player.

The mariage of the two technology under Amarra Symphony IRC is the perfect fit. Please check out the UMIK-1 + DIRAC Live application note and Amarra IRC + UMIK-1 quick start guide. 

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