HifiZine Mini Convertible prototype rear view

Hifizine, the well known Hifi enthusiast webzine, published a great article written by long time supporter John Reekie. We're honored to see the PWR-ICE125 being selected along with Seas drivers for such creative speaker design.

In his article, John takes the readers through the technical and acoustic challenges of his "convertible mini design". His step by step DSP configuration backed by acoustic measurements provides the readers a great insight at active speaker design with DSP products like the miniDSP. We certainly look forward to hearing more with the upcoming part 2! We also would like to encourage the whole miniDSP community to support the work of innovative webzine like HifiZine and the DailyAudiophile. Keep up the great work!

The PWR-ICE125 is now shipping and available for sale for 275USD from our webstore. Please check out the product page and our application note section for more info.

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