miniDSP launches the MCHStreamer, a multichannel
multiprotocol USB audio interface Now Offers the MCHStreamer for I2S/TDM8/SPDIF/TOSLINK/ADAT/DSD/PDM streaming


HONG KONG, March 12th, 2019 – miniDSP (, a market leading designer and manufacturer of digital signal processing platforms and solutions for a wide range of applications, is proud to announce the launch of the new MCHStreamer. Now available with an MSRP of $115 USD on our webshop, this USB Audio Class 2 (UAC2) compliant interface truly is the swiss-army knife for audio developers looking to provide an audio interface to PC/MAC/Linux, iOS and Android. 

“Following the success of the USBStreamer, we engineered the MCHStreamer to become a goto USB audio interface for all multichannel audio formats” explained Tony Rouget, miniDSP CEO. “With support for I2S/SPDIF/TOSLINK/ADAT/TDM8/DSD and PDM formats, the MCHSTreamer is the most versatile audio interface on the market. At its core, an XMOS XCore 200 multi-core chipset  provides a plug&play experience to interface to your 3rd party DAC/MEMS/DSP thanks to our precompiled firmwares.”

With up to 24ch bidirectional audio (TDM8 mode), up to 16 x PDM channels, up to 8ch DSD, up to 8 x ch I2S, the MCHStreamer provide more channels and more audio formats than any other interface. It is even more with its "PDM to I2S Converter mode" where one can easily convert 16 x channels of PDM to interface directly to your 3rd party I2S interface. No more kludging or multiple 3rd party boards with this all-in-one module.

The MCHStreamer is currently available in kit form or with an enclosure. Its features and specifications include: 

  • Multi-channel USB audio interface (up to 24x24)
  • Wide range of digital IO format depending on the loaded firmware: TOSLINK, ADAT, S/PDIF (coax), I2S, TDM8, DSD and PDM data formats
  • Native support up to 32bit / 384kHz
  • PDM to I2S converter for up to 16 MEMS microphones
  • USB 2.0 High speed and Audio class 2.0 device / Asynchronous USB synchronization
  • OS compatible: Win/Mac/Linux 2.0/Android/Ios (with Camera kit dongle)
  • Toslink (optical) and SPDIF (coax) transmitter and receiver
  • Flexible board powering option: USB powered or External DC input power

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miniDSP Announces Distribution of Avermetrics

Audio Analyzers & Website Availability Now Offers the Avermetrics AverLAB Portable High Performance Audio Analyzer


HONG KONG, Sept. 19, 2018 – miniDSP (, a market leading designer and manufacturer of digital signal processing platforms and solutions for a wide range of applications, is proud to announce it has been awarded distribution rights to the Avermetrics line of audio analyzers in the Hong Kong/China market.

miniDSP is also proud to announce that the Avermetrics AverLAB portable high performance audio analyzer is also now available on the miniDSP website (MSRP: $3,000.00 USD).

“We are very excited to support Avermetrics distribution in Hong Kong and China as well as have its product available through our website,” said Tony Rouget, miniDSP CEO. “Much like miniDSP, Avermetrics is an innovative company with an impressive product line and so we believe it to be the ideal partnership.”                                                      

Avermetrics is a manufacturer of test and measurement equipment targeted at benchtop and factory production line electronic test solutions. Its innovative and modular solutions can scale to more than 250 simultaneous and independent analog channels and more than 1,000 digital channels while still providing test times the user is accustomed to for 2-channel operation. It supports both Mac and PC control via Ethernet connectivity and a wide range of process and test fixture connectivity.

“Now available through the miniDSP website, AverLAB is Avermetrics’ portable, 1RU high performance audio analyzer that makes audio testing affordable,” explained Rouget. “AverLAB is software controlled via Ethernet, expandable, has an external GPIO and control interface, and is Win/OSx compliant.”                                 

With fanless, silent operation and cigar-box size, AverLAB fits perfectly on even the most crowded benches. Run tests and adjust parameters using front panel controls without having to clutter your bench with a keyboard and mouse. And AverLAB’s performance and features help you get your day-to-day work done without compromise.

“Unlike other portable analyzers, AverLAB is expandable,” Rouget continued. “The AverLink port lets you add more than 100 AverLine rack test modules of analog, digital, and general purpose I/O. The built-in I2S interface‡ offers I2C, SPI, and parallel control lines for controlling your digital audio circuits or other outboard gear. AverLAB works where you do. The light (under six pounds) unit fits neatly into most standard 15-inch laptop bags. And, with no USB tether dictating where to work, you are free to access AverLAB from your workbench, desk, during a meeting, even from home.”

AverLAB features and specifications include:

  • Assignable front panel controls
  • Ethernet connectivity, supports DHCP, Static IP, AutoIP
  • Windows/OSx compliant
  • Quiet fan-less design
  • Expandable via AverLink
  • 8 lines of general purpose IO
  • I2S, SPI and I2C interfaces
  • Front panel signal LEDs, always active
  • 15W power dissipation, 40W/12V power supply
  • Universal power supply, 100-240V, 47-63 Hz

For more information on Avermetrics, please visit

For more information on AverLAB and miniDSP’s complete product line, please visit

Averlab A 300dpi F3

miniDSP Ships WI-DG Wifi/Ethernet USB Bridge

New 2.4GHz Router Supports Amazon Alexa; Pre-Configured for Plug & Play Discovery & Control Over IP Networks;
Retrofit Favorite miniDSP Processor to be Remotely Controlled from miniDSP’s Android/IoS App or Plugin Interface


HONG KONG, July 11, 2018 – miniDSP (, a market leading designer and manufacturer of digital signal processing platforms and solutions for a wide range of applications, is proud to announce that the new WI-DG Wifi/Ethernet to USB bridge, 2.4GHz router is now available (MSRP: $75.00 USD).

“Our new WI-DG is pre-configured for Plug & Play discovery and control over IP networks,” explained Tony Rouget, miniDSP CEO. “Thanks to this pocket size router, you can retrofit your favorite miniDSP processor to be remotely controlled from our Android/IoS app or plugin interface. We are very excited by this little workhorse.”

The WI-DG also supports Amazon Alexa voice control via miniDSP’s free Amazon Skill, which is yet another way to easily control your DSP platform to recall a preset, set the volume, or mute your audio system.

“By joining an existing Wifi network to easily integrate an existing setup, WI-DG acts like a Wifi access point with its own Wifi SSID,” Rouget continued. “It also features a web-enabled GUI, allowing for self discovery of a miniDSP platform on a network.” Check out the product page for more details. 

diagram WIDG 800px


miniDSP Launches Dirac Live®-Enabled SHD Streaming Processor Series

The SHD Dirac Live Room Correction Processor Fits Right Into Any Modern Audio System


HONG KONG, August 14, 2018 – miniDSP (, a market leading designer and manufacturer of digital signal processing platforms and solutions for a wide range of applications, is proud to announce the launch of the new SHD (Streaming High Definition) Series digital audio processor incorporating Dirac Live®, the world’s premier room correction solution. Now available with an MSRP of $1,199 USD, the miniDSP SHD Series heralds a new era in affordable yet powerful DSP-based network streamers.

“First and foremost, the SHD is a stereo Dirac Live room correction processor,” explained Tony Rouget, miniDSP CEO. “Three digital inputs, two analog inputs and USB Audio enable the SHD to fit right into any modern audio system, while processed outputs are available as unbalanced and balanced analog as well as digital. Dirac Live calibration uses our popular UMIK-1 microphone and Dirac’s easy-to use calibration tool.”

The Dirac Live Calibration Tool walks the user through simple steps to get good measurements for great room correction. Dirac Live's sophisticated algorithms intelligently correct frequency and time errors around the whole listening area, so one should expect improved stereo imaging, greater clarity and realism, more accurate timbre, and a deeper, tighter and more accurate bass. Dirac Live is the perfect balance of automation and control as an interactive control graph allows the user to set limits on the frequency range of correction and tailor a target curve to the listener’s own sonic desires.

The SHD analog and digital unit is currently available, while SHD Studio, a more compact, all-digital solution will be available in September. SHD Studio comes with all features of the full version, but without the analog component.

“We have also added network streaming over Ethernet, using a dedicated quad-core ARM processor,” Rouget continued. “Out of the gate, we are shipping with Volumio, a popular open-source network streamer. Volumio gives you access to music files from sources as diverse as a USB stick, to files stored on your local network, to Internet Radio and Spotify. Finally, we’ve added a second pair of outputs and a suite of our powerful but user-friendly DSP audio tuning software…ten-band parametric EQ per channel, crossovers up to 48 dB/octave, compressor/limiter, and a 2x4 matrix mixer…for powerful audio system tuning in applications ranging from integrating a single subwoofer to a two-way active speaker.

SHD Front 1200x177

SHD 1200x174