Long Time miniDSP supported Daniel (Curryman) is back from his Teufel Speaker building competition with some great report! Some neat update with great measurement on this PWR-ICE project. See below some update we've received from Daniel. You can follow up his progress from his thread on miniDSP forum as well. 


Hello all,

finally – after quite some time :whistle: - the Teufel competition speakers found their way to my home.

While those speakers did not win the competition :dry: the Bass performance was among the best. However the mid to high range was not further optimized compared to the original Teufel speakers and another speaker won the overall sound quality evaluation.

Therefore my friend implemented the passive crossover (remember: Woofer – Mid – High crossover is passive and only Sub to Woofer crossover is done with the DSP) of the best rated speaker B)

I did some measurements in my living room (low frequency resolution due to time windowing) with Umik-1 + REW:

Woofer – Mid – High Frequency Response 1m, 15 Degrees, 1/6th octave smoothing, 3,3ms window:


(nice addition with -6dB crossover points, the dip at 2.8 kHz is by design to take care of total radiated sound power, woofer seems too loud but that’s also due to the measurement setup).

Nearfield Measurements of Subwoofer + Woofer (note the lower cutoff frequency of 20 something Hz J ):


Overall in-room frequency response (both speakers) after some slight PEQ using the DSP:


A first listening test with some friends (yes, it’s Christmas time J):


I am very satisfied with the sound of these speakers. Deep and well controlled bass, very detailed mids and highs and very natural sounding, yet powerful if needed. No coloration and good for long term listening fun. All in all a really nice project and a really good example for a nice PWR-ICE125 implementation. Using the Input PEQ it’s really easy to integrate those speakers into any room J


Unfortunately Teufel does no longer sell those speaker kits but maybe this project can be inspiration for other similar projects. At least I am working on another speaker project (hopefully it does not take that long :ohmy: ) : A two way active monitor with Seas ER18RNX + Monacor DT300 in Waveguide using the PWR-ICE125 module.

Kind regards, Daniel