Dual sub integration using the MiniDSP

This very comprehensive tutorial was written by community member Neutro on AVSForum. We're very fortunate to see dedicated members taking the time to write a great step by step like this one.
To those of you who have ways/ideas on a little tutorial, make sure to send it to us. And once again a big "Merci" to Fran├žois!

The goal of this thread is to discuss a handful of topics regarding the integration of one or more subwoofer, using a MiniDSP 2x4, to your average home theater setup. While the MiniDSP is a great platform to perform subwoofer equalization, this won't be discussed here in detail. Rather, I want to focus on how to:

  • Perform the actual connexions and setup of the MiniDSP and subs in the system
  • Use the MiniDSP as a splitter to simplify the setup for multiple subwoofers
  • Easily level-match multiple subs using the MiniDSP
  • Tweak the sub integration with the mains using the MiniDSP
  • Add a house curve on top of whatever EQing is performed by the AVR


The required gear for this tutorial is simply:

  • An AVR
  • Up to four subwoofers
  • An appropriate number of subwoofer cables
  • A MiniDSP 2x4
  • A MiniDSP plugin

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