Our long time community member Daniel just brought his miniDSP setup to FrickelFest 2013 in Germany for a demo. A great post here summarizing his neat setup! Thanks again for sharing. :-)

Dear all,
I just came back from the Frickelfest 2013. It was a really nice event with lots of impressive DIY gear, intensive discussions with friendly people and (to be honest) quite some beer and wine ;-)
This year me and my friends showed our DSP based setup using the miniSHARC to crossover and EQ our Frickelfest Speakers (old Naim SBL woofer in TQWT + Monacor DT300 with waveguide). Sources where vinyl from DIY turntable and Flac using labtop + miniSTREAMER and amplifiers where a SymASym for the woofers and a Hybrid Valve+MOSFET for the tweeters.

Here is a picture of my actual miniSHARC setup with my own ES9023 based DACs (6ch out):

miniSHARC setup with my own ES9023 based DACs

As a preparation we first had to measure the speakers:

Speaker measurements

The SPL vs. frequency of the raw speakers (mic was calibrated for frequency response but not for SPL):

Amplitude and Frequency

I used the IIR Filters for crossover and FIR Filters generated by RePhase to linearize amplitude and phase (great tool!). Here is the result after 3 hours:


Thanks to the corrected phase the summing of woofer and tweeter is quite perfect:


Also the step response looks quite good (overall inverted but that shouldn't be a problem ;) ):


Thanks to the waveguides the horizontal directivity of the speaker looks very good:


Here is the system playing at the Frickelfest (forgot to take a better picture since I was always listening to the music :woohoo: ):

Final set up

Unfortunately I killed the miniSHARC after one day by opening and connecting the wrong plugin (2x8 plugin, DevTeam already helped me to bring it back to live! Thanks a lot!) and we had to switch over to miniDSP 2x8 which wasn't bad at all either ;)

Have fun, Daniel