4x8 Crossover
Compatible platforms miniSHARC kit
Sample rate 48kHz
Digital inputs to DSP structure 2 digital inputs via I2S
2 digital inputs via SPDIF
Digital outputs from DSP structure 8 digital outputs via I2S
Input Gain
Input Mute tick
RMS input meter tick
Input Equalization type 10 band equalizer
PEQ, Low/High Shelf, Custom biquad
Matrix mixer 4x8 Matrix mixer
to mix & route audio
IIR Filter Types on outputs
Both LPF and HPF
Linkwitz Riley / Butterworth / Bessel
Filter order Up to 48dB/oct (8th order)
FIR filters on outputs

Up to 10240 taps total / Max 2048 per channel

Per channel output equalization 10 band equalizer
PEQ, Low/High Shelf, Custom biquad
Per channel output delay Up to 3000ms on each output
Output Gain tick
RMS output meter tick
Polarity inversion tick
Compressor / Limiter tick
Custom Biquad programming
REW Integration All biquad available for programming by Room EQ Wizard AutoEQ feature
Link Equalization settings
Link Crossover settings
IR remote Control tick
Enabled with IR learning feature for VOL-FP
Source selection of toslink/spdif
Memories Up to 4 memories stored on board
Additional features Custom input/output labels
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