Introducing the stereo and multichannel Dirac Series high-resolution audio processors

miniDSP and Dirac Research bring you this unique hardware/software combination featuring Dirac Live® — the world's premiere digital room correction solution

Dirac Series high-resolution audio processors from miniDSP and Dirac Research

Best sellers

DDRC Series
96 kHz, Dirac Live powered for stereo or multichannel
Starting @ USD $899
miniDSP 2x4
Inexpensive, flexible, easy to use. The "classic" miniDSP.
USD $105
Calibrated USB acoustic measurement microphone
USD $75
DSP-controlled ICEpower 2-way 24/96 plate amplifier
USD $275


Latest News

Linkwitz LXmini
Siegfried Linkwitz deploys the miniDSP 2x4 in his latest loudspeaker design, the LXmini. Exciting times for speaker builders!
nanoAVR in Stereophile
Kal Rubinson reviews the miniDSP nanoAVR in the July 2014 issue of Stereophile. Read his review here
UMIK-1 with Apple iPad

Our team tests the UMIK-1 with Apple iPad apps!

Android & IoS App
Control just got easier thanks to our free Android & iPhone/Ipad app.


The miniDSP concept

From the beginning, miniDSP has operated on a simple concept:

Hardware+Software plugin+Audio processing solution

This concept has formed the foundation of our work to bring sophisticated audio DSP capabilities to everyone, regardless of budget — with a wide range of hardware platforms, software plugins, acoustic measurement gear, and an extensive collection of educational and support materials.

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