Simple answer. In any of your miniDSP kit design, start by listing the number of inputs and outputs which will help you define how many DSP kits you need, then start to worry about the plug-in. So let's say you want a stereo 4 way crossover:

- That's equivalent to 2 inputs by 8 outputs. Two solutions from there on: 1 x miniDSP 2x8/8x8 unit OR 2 x miniDSP 2x4 units (kit or boxed). The advantage of the 2x8/8x8 unit allowing you to control both speakers from the same plug-in. In the case of 2 x miniDSP 2x4 units, one will have to toggle the USB connector from one unit to the other one to be able to flash the unit.

- Then down to the plug-in that is a must for any configuration. If you select the option of 2  miniDSP 2x4 configuration, then the 4way advanced is your best bet. In the case of the 2x8 or 8x8 configuration, the miniDSP 4x10 or 10x10 plug-in will be your choice.

Another typical question: Do you need more than 1 plug-in for a stereo configuration? The answer is no. A single plug-in can be installed on multiple miniDSP kit.

Hope this makes sense.