In an effort to keep everybody happy, our miniDSP 2x4 kit/box comes with a switchable jumper on the input to adjust the maximum input signal.

  • Version A is meant for consumer line level signal (-10dBV) such as a PC source, Portable media players or any other sources with an output level < 0.9Vrms. The intend of this version is to have high input sensitivity for such low driving sources, hence driving the miniDSP close to the input level ADC like to be (-15dB below headroom).
  • Version B is meant for CD player line level (2Vrms), preamplifiers or any other source with higher output driving capabilities. If you intend to insert your miniDSP kit in line with such source, you better use this version otherwise overdriving of the input converters will result in saturation, aka poor sound quality.

Important Notes:

  • All miniDSP kit/box are fitted with jumpers that can easily be toggled from revA to revB. Informaiton is clearly detailed in the user manual
  • miniDSP 2x4 kit/box have adjustable input sensitivity (i.e. max input) but fixed output level.
For any doubts, questions. Ask our technical staff in an email request.