Unfortunately no. The tools we use to build firmware versions are proprietary licensed software which make it impossible for us to release an IDE. For proper firmware development by 3rd party developpers we'd also require to assign some serious tech support team to be able to answer the 1000's of question everybody will have when they run through bugs/issue. We're not Analog Devices or TI able to do that. We're just a venture of passionate audio guys, we know DSP and know out to make it work on our platforms so people can enjoy a working solution. :-)

In general, miniDSP platforms are not meant to be DSP & firmware engineers development tools. Our ready-made plug-in concept is to simplify DSP programming, not make it as complex. If you want to write your own code, debug it, write drivers and support an API, you'd be better off with an eval kit from Analog Devices/TI.