Network streaming & Digital Signal Processing in one box


Introducing the Streaming HD (SHD) series, the newest member of the miniDSP family powered by Dirac Live® Room Correction and Volumio audio player. The SHD series is a powerful stereo processor designed from the ground up to achieve highest performance and flexibility. With its floating point processor, 32bit converters, quad core ARM streamer & multichannel USB audio, the SHD series is an exciting new chapter for the miniDSP community. As our team finalizes documention and manufacturing, the following page will be updated over time with user manuals, complete datasheets and pricing. We expect shipments to start end of July. 

SHD 1000

Trying to make everybody happy!

There will be those of you who want an All-In-One-Does-It-All box, there will be those of you who only want the bare minimum. We always try to please everybody so we release the SHD platforms in 2 versions. While the SHD is a full rack mount unit is analog and digital In/out, the SHD Studio is compact, all digital solution at a lower cost.   

SHD Studio side by side 1000




The Best Of All Worlds

The SHD series combines the technologies from three innovative companies


Volumio quick facts

With a large community and amazing support from lead developpers, Volumio support brings much to the SHD:

volumio support