The everAMP is a portable USB headphone amplifier combining high quality audio components in a pocket size format. This lightweight amplifier features high sample rate asynchronous USB audio transfer and with ESS technology 32bit DAC to perfect your listening experience.

At the core of the everAMP is the 500MHz XMOS multi-core processor, churning audio bits for a wide range of USB sources. May it be a PC/Mac or Android phone, the EVERAMP is up to the task of delivering the highest quality of digital audio PCM or DSD audio over USB 2.0. The line level analog input provides an alternative to players that require a headphone amplifiers to boost their levels. On the power side, the EVERAMP is powered from a 3300mAh Lithium Ion battery bank for an all day listening experience. The 4 front panel LEDs and software provide monitoring of the charge status of the unit.


NOTE: This product is now on pre-order in limited edition. Additional information will soon become available online. Thanks for your patience!

Brief specifications

Processor XMOS chipset
Input/output resolution 24 bits
Maximum input sample rate 192kHz
Format supported
PC/Mac/Android OTG/Analog in

What's included

  • everAMP high-resolution portable headphone amplifier
  • Universal USB power supply with interchangeable plugs (UK/EU/US/AU)
  • USB Type A to microUSB for PC/Mac connectivity
  • OTG microUSB to microUSB for Android connectivity
  • USB audio ASIO driver under the userdownloads section

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